About Grassroots Entertainment 

Grassroots Entertainment was formed to develop, produce, and bring to market a slate of feature length films for theatrical release. The projects we choose not only have great profit potential but also fit within the core principles of our company–creating films with high artistic merit and educational value through relationships with experienced producers, directors, writers, and crew members. Thematically, our films explore heroism, loyalty, determination, perseverance, friendship, sacrifice, and overall positive values that we believe our audience can associate with. Through a combination of exceptional screenplays, and current attachments, we will be able to secure top-tier actors, actresses, and directors to bring out the best in our stories and create extremely marketable films. In addition, we plan to film most if not all our films in the states to maximize various tax incentive programs, which provide up to a 37% return on money spent in some states.

 The Industry

The successes of independent films such as The Passion of the Christ, Little Miss Sunshine, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, and the Paranormal Activity franchise have revolutionized how studios and distributors look at production and marketing.  The movie-going public is more aware of their viewing options than ever before, and they are hungry for great films.  The opportunity for independent filmmakers who present thoughtful, entertaining and interesting stories is vast. Although the majority of films are still made by the big studios, the tides are turning.  We believe the time is right to make cost-effective films on smaller budgets that will achieve critical and financial success.  By working directly with producers and creators of financially successful studio and independent movies as well as established actors and actresses with box office pull, we plan to keep the budget down while maintaining the quality of the story and the production.